Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 Tips to be Current and Ease Anxiety

HELLO!!! Oh my GOODNESS!!! Okay so I totally forgot I use to blog in 2009 and I kinda was never faithful to it. I knew it would be a good idea but I just wasn't in a place that I could actually focus enough on my thoughts to communicate them in a blog.

I use to be a person in prison by my thoughts and "what IF's" I had horrible Anxiety!!!

I use to be so concerned about my future I never actually experienced my current reality.  I know so many people that get stuck in place that is not here and they miss out on life.  I know most people always put pressure on living in the past but I would like to add equal pressure to those who live in the future to much.

I remember when I met my "first love" my first thought was oh my goodness what if this ends.  We ended up together for a few years but I can hardly remember any of it because I was so concerned I was going to mess up I never really relaxed in the thought that I had someone who was in love with me.

I think that many people are there. I know people who have great opportunities before them but they won't maximize the opportunity because they are to scared to mess up.  It will paralyze you from taking the risk required to succeed in being you and being great. There is no real plan for success.  Everyone has a different definition of success and I tend to believe success is being totally you and being rewarded for it.

Throughout the years I've made so many mistakes. I have failed several times and I'm pretty sure I will fail again.  I don't mind failing, because sooner or later I will get it right. I don't believe I can fail at the same thing forever and have a memory.  Like you should remember where the whole is.

Here are five things I do to help keep me current and not worrying about my future:

1.)  Prioritize your concerns:  Now I am not suggesting that you shouldn't be concerned about your future at all but you can't focus on everything at once.   I use something called a priority sequence.  I deal with the issues that need my attention currently and table the other things until they need my attention.  If it's the weekend I won't start trying to figure out how I am going to argue with my boss because that conversation is for Monday and not Friday night.  

2.)  Don't OVER think it:  Just like NO ONE in the world likes an overcooked steak.  Once you create a plan. solution, or addressed a thing let it be just that.  Don't allow yourself to keep coming up with possible outcomes and answers.  Pick an answer and let it be that.  Trust yourself that you came up with something good and trust yourself enough to know that if it isn't good you can handle the consequence.

3.)  Leave ROOM for Destiny:  You must allow for nature or destiny to happen. You can't plan every single thing.  You must allow God and the universe to do its part too!!! Give room for something amazing and unplanned to happened.  Allow things to take its course and flow.

4.)  Focus on NOW:  Make sure you are present and available for the current moment.  Feel it, breathe, and embrace it.  Enjoy your spaces and times of happiness and relaxation while you can.  There are enough times that require your attention at levels that might not be so relaxing.  If you're taking a walk notice the color of the leaves, or how many flowers you see.  Count your foot steps.  But be current, and present in the thing that you're doing.  Turn off your phone during times of enjoyment if it put you back in a place of future worry.

5.)  Have FAITH:  Trust that things will work out for your good.  Truth is many unfortunate things have happened to us and we've recovered.  Have faith that you will be okay no matter what happens.  You'll be surprised what you can live through.  Divorce is not the end of the world millions of people have overcome it.  Getting fired is not the end of the would, you will and can find another job.  Have that faith that you are able to handle whatever life gives you because you were made to live life, that's why you're alive.

That's all from my pen... (don't judge my grammar I'm not an English Teacher)

Prophet Cedric

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